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The Binary Graffiti Club. An Art Project by Stanza,

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The Binary Graffiti Club is a user friendly public participatory spectacle and public engagement event across urban space creating new narratives for the playful engagement of the environment, encompassing performance, politics and art. The Binary Graffiti Club are invited members of the public at each location for each event. The Binary Graffiti Club set off across the city and create artworks. The Binary Graffiti club is a social and performative project custom produced for each city or venue and there are an range of possible outputs that can occur.

The Binary Graffiti Club inspires young people to see the city as canvas to create change. The artwork created represents the hopes and aspirations of young people set in various contexts. They are all wearing especially made hoodies. The walls, pavements, and empty spaces are covered in over 101 unique and different artworks. An extension of the “flaneur” who wanders without aim The BGC create a new sense of urgency and agency as the city is reclaimed for cultural change. The Binary Graffiti Club provides a platform to celebrate the pioneering spirit of digital innovation and culture through creative collision and socially engaged artistic practice.

The idea and core concept is to inspire young people to see the city as canvas to create change and to see the environment as their city space and to make their "mark" on it. The selection of artwork represents subliminal messages to reclaim the city and public space as a shared environment which places our youth at the focus of future development.

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Exhibition November 2017.

Exhibition runs : 12 – 25 November Thurs to Sat 12.00 - 6.00pm.

arebyte 117 Wallis Rd E9 Nearest station Hackney Wick


Volunteers participated in an exciting choral experiment that has been recorded and will be presented as a film. This vocal performance is based around a series of statements, gathered from the public, that have been translated into binary code. These series of 0's and 1's are an experiment to reduce these fundamental statements to a pure form, and the vocalisation of them brings renewed focus to the wants and needs of the people.

Feeling like your voice isn't heard? Got something you want to say? Say your piece, see it on London streets, hear it sung out loud. Stanza wants to share your views...  in fact, if you have time to spare and fancy some active participation, you can get in touch with and become an activist in the Binary Graffiti Club too. More Info see here.

Survey Take Part in the Manifesto.

We are gathering texts for the graffiti manifesto. The Binary Graffiti Club inspires young people to see the fabric of the city as means to create change. The walls, pavements, and empty spaces are appropriated to express the hopes of our generation. Binary coded messages appear in the streets as unique graffiti artworks. As the project is developing more messages will appear. The idea and core concept is to inspire young people to see the city as a means to create change and to see the environment as their city space, a canvas for expression. What mark will you make? Please tell us what you want to see written and coded into the streets. Share with us your thoughts and tell us what you want written and made into graffiti.  Please fill in our survey.


Creating new futures. How do we create a new world of active ingredients that is politically motivated. We want you to imagine your future, the future of the planet, the future of politics, the future of the city. We want you to imagine changing the world, your city, yourself. The Binary Graffiti Club workshop aims to find out what future scenarios the young would like to see and be involved in. The workshops are geared to finding some answers to this question. The result are turned into graffiti. Working in small groups you will be encouraged to think and come up with ideas based on certain scenarios IE what three things would I do if you were the prime minister. The first workshop to create the text that will be used on the stencils was Hackney Quest on 5th October. The second workshop took place on 7th October in The Fountain Room at the Barbican Centre in London. If you want us to tun a project get in touch.

Ongoing and Development

This is an ongoing project and you can get involved by creating you own workshops, adding to the manifesto, making hoodies, creating graffiti or contact us to come and work with you and we can bring the hoodies make workshops create a choir and do some participatory art making. Get in touch in you are an event organiser or festival that wants work with us.


This is an ongoing project news is here


What is the first thing you would do if you ran the country.  
If you met the Prime Minister or President of your country what would you tell him or her that you wanted to see happen in the future.  
If you implemented an environmental idea what would it be?  
Should education be free for our children?
If you could invest 300 billion dollars /pounds in something for the future of your country what would it be.  
If you wanted to write a statement that can be seen by  everyone that expresses how you feel about the place you live in what would it be?  
Please tell us you how you see the future of technology affecting people.  
Please tell us how you want to see the world in 50 years so our leaders can make this world possible for you.  
Do you believe we live in an equal society?  
Please have a go at the survey  

The Binary Graffiti Club. An Art Project by Stanza,

An Art Project by Stanza

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