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The Binary Graffiti Club. Call to be involved in art /music project.

We need you for 21st October.


We are looking for people any age to participate on Saturday 21st October from 12 - 4.45 pm. Location in Central London.

Would you like to be part of something fun, arty, musical in London which will be made into to a short art film?

The Binary Graffiti Club are looking for volunteers to take part in experimental vocal event led by artist Stanza and musician Richard Frostick. The date we need you is Saturday 21st October from 12 - 5pm . This will be a fun day in an interesting venue in the middle of London. We will all make music by trying to sing a musical score composed of a series of binary codes extracted from a newly published book made from public contributions. All you have to do is turn up, wear a hoodie, sing, and take some instruction. The aim is to have fun creating music and make a piece of art (a film) which will be exhibited in November. If you can sing great (you're in) if you cannot sing no worries (you're in as well.) The process has been that political statements have been invited from the public; selected messages are translated into binary code, and then Richard Frostick has been developing the elements into choral expressions to reflect these coded messages. 


No vocal experience needed but we will be asking you to use your voice.

You will sing / speak lots of ones and zeroes.

You need to be willing to be part of this experiment with sound.

Participants will be filmed and the screening later in the year.

Participant will be asked to wear a binary hoodie which we will provide.

No payment is available therefore volunteers only. Please come in black legging / black trousers and black shoes if you can.

Dates and Times.

Oct 21st  Saturday  12 - 4.45 PM  

Venue: Hinde Street, Methodist Church. ( It's the large church on corner of Hinde Street and Thayer Street) The nearest tube station is Bond Street.


Contact. Please confirm via by email. RSVP.


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