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The News.


CYNET art festival Dresden. October 2018

The Binary Graffiti Choir performing at CYNETART FESTIVAL live. oh yeah. Eins Null. Thats zero one for those that dont speak German. This will be so cool. We had a proffessional choir then 40 members of the audience joined in on stage all singing 10101 and wearing the hoodies.

Exhibition arebyte Gallery. 2017

Saturday Opening 11th November 6 - 9 pm Exhibition runs : 12 – 25 November Thurs to Sat 12.00 - 6.00pm arebyte 117 Wallis Rd E9 Nearest station Hackney Wick


The first workshop to create the text that will be used on the stencils is at Hackney Quest on 5th October. The Second which is a public event is on 7th October in The Fountan Room at the Barbican Centre in London followed bay a whole afternoon of actions and graffiti.

Graffiti. (Join In )

We are starting to graffiti the gallery and streets if you want to take part get in touch. We use chalk spray and we use binary stencils. Groups went out all over London and made a series of artworks with the new stencils. Thanks to al volunteers. More information here.

Survey Take Part

We are gathering texts for the graffiti. The Binary Graffiti Club inspires young people to see the fabric of the city as means to create change. The walls, pavements, and empty spaces are appropriated to express the hopes of our generation. Binary coded messages appear in the streets as unique graffiti artworks. As the project is developing more messages will appear. The idea and core concept is to inspire young people to see the city as a means to create change and to see the environment as their city space, a canvas for expression. What mark will you make? Please tell us what you want to see written and coded into the streets. Share with us your thoughts and tell us what you want written and made into graffiti. Please fill in our survey.

Award from Arts Council England.

The Binary Graffiti Club have the pleasure to announce it has just been awarded a Grants For The arts from Arts Council England to develop The Binary Graffiti Club project and work with arebyte Gallery London on a new series of events commissions until 25th November 2017. Look out for graffiti in the streets, youths in binary hoodies, a singing choir....more soon.



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