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The selection of artwork represents subliminal messages to reclaim the city and public space as a shared environment which places our youth at the focus of future development.

Invite us

  • This is an ongoing project we offer workshops, creating graffiti in the city, create a choir as large singing event.
  • The Binary Graffiti Club and related projects are available for exhibitions and public enagement events.
  • We can work with groups of people set in various contexts which will all be wearing the specially made binary hoodies.

Outputs Available.

  1. A series of graffiti messages placed around the city; enables a reclaiming of the city.
  2. Photo documentation of these activism's for the website
  3. The photos of the groups draw focus to specific location and also create exhibition opportunities.
  4. The workshops to decide what to write is a public process open event by the participants.
  5. Performance which is choreographed as final performative spectacle. It can be from 10 to 1001 people at a time.
  6. Choir and choral event. (singing the manifesto)
  7. Stencils will be published and created after workshops.
  8. Software Tracking System for phones. Its tracks everyone. see project The Global Derive.
  9. Exhibition of Binary Graffiti Cub material: The hoodies, The Manifesto, The Video, The Photos, The Stencils. etc
  10. Other concepts to be discussed with curators.

Join In Call

If you want to be involved please sign up: More Information see here.


Stanza works across the UK and internationally exhibiting in over one hundred exhibitions see his main site

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Stanza ,  The Binary Grafitti Club artwork

Thanks to support from:-

Thanks to ACE Arts Council England and are byte for V4 (in development)
Thanks to Cu rated Place for Aberdeen Branch and The Global Derive V3
Thanks to Lincoln and all the volunteers V2.
Thanks to Liverpool Free Runners for V1.