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Call to Take Part

The Binary Graffiti Club.  Call for Participants.  Volunteers wanted.


Would you like to be part of something fun, arty, in London later in the summer?

The Binary Graffiti Club is looking for volunteers to take part in an experimental art project.

The BGC, formed of a group of young members aims to explore themes of control and identity in the city  in response to a sense of disillusionment and lack of trust as well as a general apathy within youth culture. We are seeking to collaborate and invite individuals and groups to take part in a series of workshops and activities that will ask the participants to be active and engaging in both their own environment and local community.

We are looking for volunteers to take part in a series of upcoming events.  


The activities include:

1. Taking part in a workshop making the BGC Graffiti statement..

2. Making special graffiti in the streets whilst incorporating the manifesto and the BGC objectives.

3. Exploring the local area and creating a series of public interventions which will be documented and used as part of a contemporary art exhibition.

4  Taking part in a choir singing in binary code.



Participant will be asked to wear a binary hoody which will be provided (see picture).

Please come in black legging / black trousers and black shoes.

Payment. Volunteers only.

Dates and Times

Venue. Arebyte Gallery Hackney.

Times. TBC in development ( August September October)


Let us know if you are interested so we can add you to our list.
Please send us your  Full Name. Age.  Telephone number. Email.


The Binary Graffiti Club





Survey Take Part

We are gathering texts for the graffiti . If you want your voices heard on the street fil out the survey and the best replies will be used for our book and graffiti series.

Information as PDF




Creating new futures.

How do we create a new world of active ingredients that is politically motivated. We want you to imagine your future, the future of the planet, the future of politics, the future of the city. We want you to imagine changing the world, your city, yourself.

The Binary Graffiti Club workshop aims to find out what future scenarios the young would like to see and be involved in. The workshops are geared to finding some answers to this question. The result will be turned into graffiti. Working in small groups you will be encouraged to think and come up with ideas based on certain scenarios IE what three things would I do if youI were the prime minister.


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If you take images the credit line is:- artwork by Stanza courtesy The Binary Graffiti Club